Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles are a beautiful tree or shrub that just enhances our already beautiful area. Some are trees while some species are shrubs. From our personal experience, it seems there are more of the tall slender trees versus the shrub ones. Their colors throughout many months of the year just put a smile on your face as you view them.

Simple house with an enhancement of Crape Myrtles along the public roadway.

Some Care Tips for Crape Myrtles

Have you ever wondered why your Crape Myrtles look like they have chimney soot on them? That is caused by a pest called Bark Scale. They eat the leaves and then excrete a “honeydew” which looks like the soot. We specialize in cleaning up and treating Crape Myrtles that have been infested in this way. We get great results and it is very cost effective.

We can help restore your Crape Myrtles to their God Given natural beauty

Crape Myrtles with Bark Scale
Crape Myrtle Spraying
Crape Myrtle Spraying

Crape Myrtles and a Beautiful Gate and Driveway!

The beginning - several years ago
The planting
Finished - waiting to grow

Stunning - and it isn't even their season!!

Beautiful Crape Myrtles Fall colors

What a magnificent way to come home in the evening. The worst of days, just melts away as you arrive thru your gated driveway! Beautiful......

Crape Myrtle Full Bloom

We can provide you that peaceful feeling as you arrive home - just as the above properties are!

Start now for that glorious feeling in the future!

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